Aaron Nichols is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, inventor, and metaphysical explorer.

His mission is to empower humanity through the exposition and application of metaphysical first principles, and through the free, playful expression of his indomitable love for all of creation.

Throughout Aaron's life, he's received visions and callings, which both inspired and troubled him.

There was always the question of how to apply what he's seen, how to grow into the daunting visions that haunted him, and how best to be of service in this time of humanity's great transition.

He's traversed trauma and addiction, learning of the innate human powers of self-healing through movement, energetic awareness, emotional release, and spiritual attunement.

His major areas of study have been emotional awareness, human energetics, parapolitics and occulted technologies, the power of intention, self-psychology, intimacy, sex, and sexual polarity.

Aaron's writings cover a broad spectrum of human experience and are always intended to empower (and entertain) you, the reader.