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An Off-the-Cuff Conversation with Paul Levy

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

An extemporaneous conversation with Paul Levy (the brilliant author of Dispelling Wetiko, The Quantum Revelation, and other books), in which we discuss all kinds of things about humanity's collective situation, propaganda, metaphysics and psi (psychic phenomena), Jung, Tibetan Buddhist practices, evil, the Great Reset, transhumanism, demonic entities, awakening and adversity, human power, creativity, and flourishing, cannabis, and both of our own personal processes.

Those who are interested in his work will get some sneak peeks into what he’s working on now, and the nature of his process.

I’ve had the great fortune of talking with Paul every week for the past few months, and I consider him a mentor as I engage in the process of discover more of myself, and how to do whatever it is I do. He’s a great writer and thinker, and an authentic individual who I feel blessed to get to connect with.

This was just one of our weekly conversations, which I usually record for myself. Though, it occurred to me at a certain point that this one could be interesting to and helpful to others. There were a few times where I started to become self-conscious, thinking I may share the conversation publicly, and a few times when I semi-consciously guided the conversation in ways that I thought might be useful to others. But, generally, this is just me and him talking about what we talk about. Me, totally unkempt and under-slept, in a dirty hoodie.

Paul’s work can be found at his website:

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