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Brian Piergrossi Podcast: Sensemaking, Conspiracy Theories, Covid, & Vision for the Future

I was honored and delighted to have this conversation with Brian Piergrossi of The Big Glow.

We talked about sensemaking in the time of Covid, the dark and light sides of 'conspiracy theory,' the Great Reset (and WEF...), spirituality and awakening, holistic health, and...vitamin C.

Please enjoy!

From Brian:

"How do we learn to think critically?

How does one discover what is true in this day and age we live in?

How do we garner the courage to question the prevailing narrative?

How do we learn to approach each moment with humility and genuine curiosity?

How do we create a conscious, intentional vision for humanity?

I really enjoyed and appreciated this conversation with

Aaron Nichols.

Aaron Nichols is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, inventor, and metaphysical explorer.

His mission is to empower humanity through the exposition and application of metaphysical first principles, and through the free, playful expression of his indomitable love for all of creation.

He's traversed trauma and addiction, learning of the innate human powers of self-healing through movement, energetic awareness, emotional release, and spiritual attunement.

His major areas of study have been emotional awareness, human energetics, parapolitics and occulted technologies, the power of intention, self-psychology, intimacy, sex, and sexual polarity.

Aaron's writings cover a broad spectrum of human experience and are always intended to empower the reader. In 2020, his research and writings have focused on the failings and less-than-savory aspects of conventional medicine and the medical and technocratic establishment as we collectively face unprecedented threats to our health and liberty.

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