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Has COVID Been Cured?

A Brief Overview of Some of What the Medical Establishment has Ignored at the Peril of our Health and Liberty

[This article was originally published as a Facebook post on 10/12/20, and censored/removed by Facebook within 24 hours. It was re-posted on Medium, and now here.]

So here we are in October...with lockdowns continuing and being reinstated all over the world. As the dreaded ‘flu season’ commences and we’re threatened with a second wave, children still can’t go to school in many places (or freely socialize with their grandparents, or other children), countless adults have suicided in the desperation of their economic and social circumstances, millions of people still haven’t gotten their jobs back, millions of disposable masks litter the streets and the ocean… [1]

Here in Boulder, Colorado, university students (one of the lowest risk groups) have been ordered not to gather at all–not even with one other person. [2]

And, here’s both the kicker and the crux of the issue: large swaths of the population are completely ignorant of–and will automatically deny–any notion that COVID has already been cured, or that it’s easily preventable.

Yes, I said the dirty word, cure. Ooooh, how taboo! (The original post of this writing on Facebook was censored, as have been some of the doctors whose work I’m citing.)

Isn’t it curious that people can be so hostile to evidence that the virus has already been cured, and that it’s preventable?

The force of cognitive dissonance is strong. What else is going on here?

If you’re like a lot of people–understandably, considering the information environment we suffer under–you’re completely ignorant of the fact that COVID-19 (the disease, not the pathogen SARS-COV-2) is entirely preventable for the vast majority of us — even those in the highest risk groups — and relatively easily and affordably curable, before any long term damage can occur.

For several months, evidence for the efficacy of vitamins C and D, as well as hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and other affordable therapies and prophylactics, have mounted while our public health officials have had little to say about these medicines except, “we need more clinical trials.”

As they deny the evidence, reportedly, worldwide, over a million people have died [3] and countless more have been permanently injured. Some by the arguably barbaric treatment of intubation itself. [4] Many of the deaths, themselves, appear to be iatrogenic. [5]

Whether or not that is the case, with so much evidence for safe and effective treatment and prevention, who is responsible for these deaths and injuries?

Can we trust the ingenuousness of our public health officials? Or are they guilty of criminal negligence, at least?

We keep getting the message that the only way to fight this thing is to be good (obedient), self-sacrificing comrades who submit to lockdowns, mask mandates, economic and social decay…awaiting a vaccine for which there will be little safety testing. Or…there’s Remdesivir, which has very little documented efficacy and costs over $3k per treatment. [6] Interesting.

What have we not been told? What about the therapies and prophylactics that are supported by clinical evidence, and which the average person can afford?

If you claim to care about science, or people’s health, please, check your reactivity and examine this strange situation more carefully.

Let’s start with vitamins D and C (and other nutrition-based therapies): In a recent Instagram interview with Jennifer Garner [7], who practically kissed his holy feet, Anthony Fauci said:

“…I would not mind recommending, and I do it myself, taking vitamin D supplements. The other vitamin that people take is vitamin C because it’s a good antioxidant. So if people want to take a gram or two, at the most, of vitamin C, that would be fine.”

OK…thanks, Dr. Fauci. Even if you’re not going to earnestly offer the evidence for why these things are effective (there are over 65,000 peer reviewed papers on Vitamin C in PubMed), or have a real discussion about dosage, which is very important (and which you got wrong), and even though this is too little too late, thanks, I guess, for mentioning that you yourself take them. But…why didn’t Fauci officially recommend taking vitamins C and D back in February, while people were dying and having their livelihoods destroyed? Or any of the months between February and September? Why is this only being mentioned in passing in a celebrity interview nine months into the pandemic?

Maybe Fauci’s gotten new information, you may suggest? I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt, but rewinding further into the annals of Fauci’s statements only creates more doubt around the ingenuousness of the official recommendations he’s issued this year. All the way back in January of 2016, in a Washingtonian article soliciting advice from Fauci about how not to get sick [8], among other basic shit like “wash your hands often” and “take good care of yourself,” Fauci was quoted as saying:

“Take vitamin C. It can enhance your body’s defense against microbes. I take 1,000 milligrams a day. Many people also do not get enough vitamin D, which affects a lot of body functions, so that would be helpful, too.”

Ok, so, clearly, Fauci has not been entirely ignorant of the efficacy of vitamins in preventing infection and fighting pathogens.

So why hasn’t he been shouting this good news from the rooftops since day one of the pandemic? Like I have been? Like many others have been? It’s a fair question, right? For a moment disregarding everything that came before, since April of this year, strong evidence for vitamin D deficiency as a major risk factor for bad COVID outcomes, including death, has mounted [9], but still, public health officials haven’t issued official recommendations that everybody starts taking vitamin D. Hummm…

If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, what on earth is going on here? Why isn’t one of the most important things we can do to prevent falling ill with this terrible virus being promoted everywhere we look? Why is the Australian government flat out denying that vitamin supplementation can help to prevent infection? [10]

But wait, there’s more we’re not being told.

In conventional medicine, the prevailing model for use of vitamins is that they may help to prevent illness, but the story and the evidence is much bigger than that.

Vitamins C has been proven to cure (yes, I said cure) viral infections for over eighty years [11]. It has inactivated every virus it’s ever been tested against.

Despite this fact, medical students seem to be aggressively dissuaded from looking at the evidence, and they become doctors who aggressively and unquestioningly repeat the fiction they were taught. “There is no evidence that vitamin C acts as an antiviral,” they say.

The discussion shouldn’t be framed around the question, “where is the evidence,” but rather, “why haven’t you read the evidence?”

Here’s a follow up question for medical professionals: at what point does saving lives become important enough to admit that you’ve been wrong?

Since February, Doctors in China have been curing severe cases of COVID using intravenous vitamin C. The therapy has been so effective that it was officially endorsed by the government of Shanghai. [12] On February 23rd, 50 tons of vitamin C were delivered to Hubei by the Dutch pharmaceutical company DSM. [13] Interesting how Wuhan recovered so quickly, isn’t it?

What on Earth is going on here? What else are we not being told?

Back in July, Dr. David Brownstein published his clinical results from having treated over one hundred COVID patients with a combination of vitamins, iodine, hydrogen peroxide, ozone, and other nutritional therapies. Among all of his patients, there were zero bad outcomes. Everybody got better. [14] They were CURED.

What did the press, or Fauci, or the NIH, or the WHO have to say about Brownstein’s cure? Crickets, playing their tiny violins while people die.

[Side note: Dr. Richard Cheng, a Chinese American living in Shanghai, who has led the way in propagating vitamin C treatment for COVID in China, recommends that the average person takes 5–10 grams of vitamin C per day, orally, preventatively [15]. That’s up to 5 or 10x what Fauci recommended in his random celebrity interview. Because, Dr. Cheng knows what the hell he’s talking about. He’s read the literature.]


Now let’s talk about Hydroxychloroquine, which has been smeared across the mainstream media as a bogus or dangerous treatment. I mentioned HCQ to a family member recently and his response was, “hydroxychloroquine does nothing.” I suggested he may have been watching too much CNN.

Evidence for HCQ’s (chloroquine’s) efficacy as a prophylactic and therapy for SARS coronaviruses has existed since 2005. [16] But that fact is far less important than the fact that, this year, doctors in the US have been using it successfully as both a prophylactic and cure. [17] Doing so, many of them have literally been threatened with having their right to practice medicine revoked. For curing people. And preventing illness. Why?

The establishment says HCQ is unsafe. Based on what evidence? To the contrary, HCQ is known to be one of the safest pharmaceuticals in medical history. [18] Interestingly, in some of the countries where COVID has not taken hold, HCQ is sold over the counter. Hummm…

What on Earth is going on here?

On July 23rd, Newsweek published an op-ed by Princeton University professor of epidemiology, Harvey A. Risch, in which he pleaded with the medical establishment to pay attention to the evidence for HCQ’s efficacy [19]. But noooo…public officials won’t seem to hear it.

Apparently, they want a vaccine…and for all of us to be required to take it in order to retain some semblance of the rights we had previously presumed to be inalienable. Apparently, they want to track our every movement and association with contact tracing apps, and limit our travel arbitrarily.

So really, what is actually going on here? Why are the medical establishment and our public health officials so willfully ignorant and so willing not only to destroy our liberties, but also to let people die?

We need some real change, and it will not happen until the general public gets informed and musters the courage to question authority, to speak up, and to resist continued lockdowns and specious public health measures.

It’s time for us to stop putting up with this nonsense. And it’s time for us to start taking our vitamins, D and C.


Footnotes: [Note that, of course, not every claim I’m making is cited in the footnotes. Nor have I exhaustively covered every known prophylactic or treatment. (I am aware of more.) Nor did I necessarily provide the strongest evidence available for every claim. As a private citizen, I have done my best to compile information with the time I have. There is far more, which you can discover for yourself. Please consider what I have provided as a starting point, and let me know if I have made any mistakes.]

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