• aaron

Men, Standing UP

Worldwide. Men. Standing up. This is a battle cry. A stand for our planet. A stand for humanity. If we wish to live in a world in which humankind and the planet thrive: It is time to stand up, and refuse to lie down. We must refuse 5G and ’smart’ (surveillance) technologies, which pave the way for our technocratic enslavement. We must refuse the vaccine, and refuse to be locked down. We must refuse genetically modified food, and becoming genetically modified human beings. We must resist the forces inside us that weaken us, and reform ourselves. This means saying no to porn, to binge-watching, to video games. To excesses of drugs and alcohol. To unconscious scrolling and swiping. To all of the ways we waste our energy, destroy our focus, and disrespect ourselves. We must dedicate ourselves to the truth. To uncovering and spreading it. Living by it, to the best of our ability. We must dedicate ourselves to the love and defense of our planet and people. And we must strengthen ourselves. In body, mind, and spirit. Focused and determined, using every bit of creativity we have. Never flagging in our efforts. Getting up when we fall down. Getting up stronger than before. “Forward, always forward!” is the chant of the warrior. Whatever our talents and skills, we do what we can to contribute to the world we know is possible. A world which affirms the life and dignity of humankind, and the sovereignty of the individual. Whether it is researching and writing, farming or hunting (for food), engineering and building, holistic medicine, ethical business, art that touches and awakens the human soul. Or simply using our voices to speak against tyranny. Whatever we can do. Today. This is a revolution. And it starts, of course, in our own lives. In our own psyches. In our own hearts. In our bodies. In the choices we make moment to moment. We must resist the forces that tell us we’re crazy to make a stand, and risk being reviled and ostracized by our communities. It is more noble to stand alone in truth, risking death, than to cower in shame and mediocrity, allowing our planet to be overtaken by tyrants. There are some fates worse than death. And, though the forces of fate are unavoidable, how we respond to them is our choice. Do we cower and allow ourselves to be overtaken? Do we allow our women and children to be victimized? Do we allow a future of slavery for ourselves and our species? Or do we meet the challenge and rise to our highest potential? It is time for the great masculine force to be reborn in men. We have been weakened. We have become inured to cowardliness, and convinced of our powerlessness to combat the forces of destruction. And thus, we have gone along with the program. It's time to write a new program, for ourselves. And to refine it, day by day. It is time to increase our standards. For how we order our lives. How we order our realm. How we engage with others. How we live the truth inside us. We must know and be dedicated to what we value. Being the men and heroes we were born to be. Affirming: nothing can stop us! We are super-powerful! Affirming: this fight, the liberation of humanity, is exactly what we were born for. Rise, brothers. It is time to stop cowering. Time to stop passing the buck. This is our planet. These are our people. May we stand now: against the forces of destruction. May we stand now: for life. For love. For truth. For liberty. For humanity. Men. Today. We stand!

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