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Up in the Sky... WTF is That...(and Who Thought it Was a Good Idea)?

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

[Originally published as a Facebook post on April 11, 2020. Shared almost 6,000 times.]

One of the saddest things I’ve seen in my entire life.

Sitting in the backyard, enjoying the stars when…what’s that!?

Two star-like objects moving slowly across the sky in the same trajectory, in a line. Then more, and more, and more. Yet more.

We stopped counting around 15…seemed like about 20 by the time they stopped coming. What are they?

These appear to be among the first 300 or so StarLink satellites orbiting our planet at a 550km (342mile) altitude, using onboard phased array antennas to blast broadband internet down to Earth.

This is a SpaceX project and what Musk refers to as a new ‘nervous system’ of planetary communication. It’s the nervous system for AI.

This new electromagnetic assault on prudence itself (and all life on Earth?) is in addition to the rollout of terrestrial 5G antennas coming soon to your neighborhood, your downtown, and to your child's school.

It’s also in addition to the other, similar 'low Earth orbit' (LEO) microwave satellite ‘constellations’ licensed to Amazon and other companies.

If SpaceX’s plan succeeds, the entire planet will be immersed in microwave (and millimeter wave) radiation. Just by StarLink alone. No life-form on Earth will be able to escape it.

But hey, you’ll be able to stream your favorite show and be precision-tracked in the middle of the Amazon jungle!

All hail data, our new master.

There are currently about 300 StarLinks in orbit. 60 added every two weeks. SpaceX’s ‘license’ is for 12,000 satellites. Imagine the night sky with 12,000 of these things - astronomers are pissed. But SpaceX has already applied to have 30,000 more.

By the way, this is how Elon Musk plans to fund his colony on Mars. (Screw Earth, we’re going to Mars!)

Who licensed this? The FCC.

Since when did the United States Federal Communications Commission (whose purpose is to license the use of commercial bandwidths) themselves have the right to radiate the entire planet with microwaves?

Who was consulted?

Certainly not the 250+ international scientists who’ve signed a plea to the UN and WHO to slow the F down with microwave technologies and look out for the health of our planet, of our children. (

Who approved this for our planet, for our ecosystem, for our health? The FCC? The UN? The WHO?

Who consented to this? You? Your community?

The plans for StarLink deployment weren’t even made public till late 2018. I just learned about it last week. There is still speculation about exactly how the system will work. Do we not have a right to be informed?

Why aren’t there highly publicized, televised debates between the ICNIRP (fake international “watchdog” group that sets ‘safety’ standards for RF devices and networks), Musk, and the telecom/data companies on one side, and the concerned scientists and citizen representatives on the other side?

Will we just we sit idly by and trust the plan for a ‘fully connected,’ data-driven life in which AI thinks for us? In which every square inch of this planet is electromagnetically disrupted by microwave and millimeter wave frequencies and modulations?

This is by far the tech industry’s biggest ‘disruption’ yet.

We are electromagnetically sensitive beings. All life on Earth is electromagnetic. Health effects of RF/microwave exposure have been proven in multi-million dollar studies. Longterm effects are unknown.

What could go wrong?

Is this what we really want?

Is the time for our entertainment-addicted complacency and compliance over?

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